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Ситуационный центр РСПП по борьбе с коронавирусом

Municipal unitary enterprise "Architectural and planning office"city district Sterlitamak city

Republic of Bashkortostan
Activity in the field of architecture; technical design; prospecting and geophysical works; geodetic and cartographic activities; activity in the field of standardization and metrology; activity in the field of hydrometeorology and areas adjacent to it; the kinds of activity connected with the solution of technical tasks, not included in other groups
OKVED code 74.20 All types of activity 10
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  • Business entity
  • Municipal property
  • Created on February 11, 1992
  • Activity ceased on September 19, 2013
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78 Khudayberdina Str., Sterlitamak, Republic of Bashkortostan 453126, Russia Companies at this address 9


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