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Expand the boundaries of your business by working with Russian or CIS companies.

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CIS-based companies data in the source language.
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Simple plans for everyone

We are offering several access plans for you to choose from.
The plans grant access to the Russian company database.

Stay Informed

  • EGRUL and EGRIP information as well as phone numbers from 8 open sources
  • Phone numbers of legal entities taken from public sources
  • Arbitration cases, enforcement proceedings and bankruptcy reports
  • Government contracts 44-FZ and 223-FZ; information about inclusion in Suppliers Blacklist
  • Disclosure of information by joint-stock companies
  • Scheduled inspections, trademarks and accounting reports
  • Tax debt and unsubmitted tax reports
  • Bank guarantees
  • External economic activity
  • Information about disqualified natural persons
  • Products and trademarks, registered domain names

Watch and Analyze

  • Advanced search of legal entities and private persons of the Russian Federation; built-in search filters
  • Export and saving of legal entity's profile information
  • Mass character of founder, CEO, or address
  • Check the stability of legal entities using a unique rating method based on personal analytical developments and Federal Tax Service criteria (Reliability and Financial Stability Score)
  • Change history and financial analysis
  • Exclusive maps with display of companies and navigation
  • Company's affiliation with territorial and industrial complex (cluster)

Trust, but Verify

  • Connections between companies on the Connections Tree
  • Verification of companies' affiliation

Stay in Touch Wherever You Are

  • All information is available in 12 languages including Arabic and Chinese
  • Mobile app for Android

Companies of Belarus

  • Registration information from official sources
  • Participation in procurements with state-owned enterprises and private companies
  • Court proceedings and enforcement proceedings
  • Inspections by supervisory agencies
  • Data from the Unreliable Companies Register
  • Tax liabilities
  • Financial reports of companies

Companies of Kazakhstan

  • Information from official sources
  • Tax liabilities by year
  • Register of untrustworthy companies
  • Indebtindebtedness towards the budget on obligatory payments and taxes

Companies of Kyrgyzstan

  • Information from official sources
  • Company's CEO and founders
  • Main and secondary activities
  • There is a foreign capital in authorized funds

Companies of Ukraine

  • Information from official sources
  • Company's CEO and founders
  • Court proceedings and enforcement proceedings
  • Scheduled inspections conducted by supervisory agencies

Companies of Moldova

  • Information from official sources
  • Company's CEO and founders
  • Licensable and non-licensable activities

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