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Overview of updates from April 23, 2020
Service Updates

Search by Termination Date

Now you can search for companies and proprietors by the date of termination of their activities.

Overview of updates from April 23, 2020

Search by termination date

Now you can search for companies and entrepreneurs by the date of termination of their activities.

Date of Termination Filter

We have added a new filter to the search settings that you will find useful if you are actively monitoring your competitors or looking for new partners. Knowing which companies have ceased their activities, you can consider all the risks and timely occupy their spot, or purchase their property.

It also allows you to assess the state of the business activities in certain fields. For example, you can see the number of companies operating in Moscow in the hotel and restaurant business that have closed since the beginning of the month:

Day, Week and Month Presets

Learn more about how saved filters can save your time.We have added new buttons under the date filters. Each option sets the corresponding time period. If you save a filter with selected data, the next day the dates will automatically move forward:

How It Works?

Learn more about My Collections in this update.For example, if you select the '1 day' option in the Date of Establishment filter and apply the filter, this will show the companies that have been registered recently. If you save this filter and apply it the next day, you will get an updated list of companies that.

This way you don't have to set the date each time. You can quickly and easily find new companies registered in the past day, week or month and offer them your services.


In order for the dates in the filter to automatically shift, they must be selected through the preset option. This will not work if you set the date manually:

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