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Overview of updates from July 9, 2020
Service Updates

Search by City; New Data from Suppliers Blacklist

Search engine has become even more advanced.

Overview of update from July 9, 2020

Search by City; New Data from Suppliers Blacklist

Search engine is more advanced now.

Поиск по городам

Now, you can find partners by cities, not just regions. A new search parameter, Select city, has been added to the filter:

By applying several search parameters at once, e.g. location, type of activity, financials, etc., you can find customers and partners from all parts of Russia, perform due diligence and strengthen your business ties.

Suppliers Blacklist

New Blacklist information has been added to Seldon.Basis.

Notification number, method of supplier determination and lot number are now available in contract information in the "Information about conducted tenders and requests for quotations" section. Detailed information about violations is now also available. The "Information about unexecuted or improperly executed contract" has been renamed into "Contract details":

Thanks to the information in Seldon.Basis you will have a full picture about an unreliable supplier.

Bankruptcy Reports

New report type have been added in Seldon.Basis: «Announcement about the availability of the remaining property of the credit institution and the right of its founders (participants) to receive the specified property»:

There are currently 73 bankruptcy report types in Seldon.Basis. Use this information to have a bigger picture about a partner's financial situation and assess your risks.

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