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Overview of updates from May 19, 2022
Service Updates

Complaints to the FAS; Interim measures; Sanctioned Companies

The Seldon.Basis team is back in touch!

Overview of updates from May 19, 2022

Complaints to the FAS; Interim measures; Sanctioned Companies

The Seldon.Basis team is back in touch!

Complaints to the FAS

This is the name of the new section in the company profile that contains a list of documents in which the participant disputes the decisions of the state customer or the electronic platform that conducted the tender. You can submut a complaint to the antimonopoly service about the procurement documentation, actions or inactions of the customer or the e-platform.

In the new section, you can see all complaints filed against the organization or filed by the organization, as well as infographics and their outcomes. Detailed information on each complaint (submission date, purchase, outcome, etc.) is displayed after you click on the complaint number.

Interim Measures Check

Check the counterparties for interim measures that the tax office imposes on the company's property based on the results of inspections. You can do this on the summary page (the section is next to the blocked accounts check).

After the check a conclusion (positive or negative) will appear on the summary page, which will help other users assess the company's situation as well.

Uploading Companies from File

Seldon.Basis supports uploading a list of companies from a .txt file to the Favorites. However, this is not always convenient since Excel sheets are more commonly used for working with data. We have considered that and added the ability to upload companies from an MS Excel file, so now you won't have to manually find and add each company.

Imposed Sanctions Label

In the Additional Information section, a label has been added for the sanctioned companies from Japan, Great Britain, and the European Union.

Taking into account today's political and economic realities, we try to disclose as much information about companies as possible. Use Seldon.Basis to get complete information and make the right decisions in order to reduce the possible risks.

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