Финансовая отчетность за 2023 год. Новые типы совладельцев
А также проверка заблокированных счетов и обеспечительных мер в карточке персоны
Overview of updates from June 2, 2022
Service Updates

Updated Search Filters

Let's take a look at the new Seldon.Basis!

Overview of updates from June 2, 2022

Updated Search Filters

Let's take a look at the new Seldon.Basis!

New Type of Search Filters

We are happy to introduce the updated search filters. We have changed the way they look to make it easier for you to find customers and contact them. Also, now you can search for customers with debts in order to buy them out and exclude the companies that are experiencing problems (debts, litigation, etc.).

What Has Changed?

Filters now open in a new panel on the right instead of a pop-up window:

For your convenience, all parameters are now grouped into semantic blocks. There is an "Expand All" button (the arrow icon), which allows you to expand all the blocks at the same time to see their contents. You can manually expand certain categories so that unnecessary interface elements do not distract from the task:

Also, the ability of saving collections (a set of filters) has been moved to the new filter panel.

Search in Arbitration and Enforcement Proceedings

In addition to the new type of filters, we have prepared two new filter blocks: filters for arbitration cases and enforcement proceedings. Thanks to them you can find companies that participate in arbitration proceedings as a defendant, as well as those that have pending enforcement proceedings from the FSSP.

Also, by using these filters you can exclude the companies that have ongoing cases as a defendant or active debts:

Enhanced EGRN Excerpt Download

We have improved the Real Estate Check section on the Other Checks page (located in the side pane).

Now, when ordering an excerpt, you can mark only the reports you need: "Main characteristics", "Transfer of rights" or both (previously, you could only get these two reports together):

Each report is deducted from the limit separately, which means you can check more objects now.

Becoming better.
Seldon.Basis Team