Экспресс-проверки компаний СНГ
Возможность быстрой проверки компаний СНГ и новый режим налогообложения
Overview of updates from October 20, 2022
Service Updates

Branches and Imports of Belarusian Companies. Planned Changes of Russian Legal Entities

Introducing a series of innovations that will make Seldon.Basis more convenient and functional.

Update review of October 20, 2022

Branches and imports of Belarusian companies. Planned changes of Russian legal entities

Introducing a series of innovations that will make Seldon.Basis more convenient and functional.

Branches of Belarusian Companies

The profiles of Belarusian companies in the "State Registration" section now show the branches of these companies on the territory of the Russian Federation:

The new information will help you find a representative of a Belarusian counterparty in Russia. Just click on the name and go to the branch profile to study the details of the company.

Established Companies

Information on companies established in Russia has also been moved to the "State Registration" section. The changed grouping of data is more convenient to use, especially in view of the new information on branches in Russia:

Imports by Belarusian Companies

We added data on imported goods of Belarusian companies.

Lists of items are grouped by year, and detailed specifications are available for each item:

It is advisable to study this section if you plan to cooperate with a foreign counterparty and want to offer your goods and services.

Conclusions on Future Changes in Russian Legal Entities

We have added conclusions on planned changes of Russian companies to the summary page.

The conclusions are based on the submitted Form R statements.

They allow you to foresee the actions of your counterparty, which is especially important in cases where it has filed for liquidation or termination. For example, if a company plans to cease operations, you will learn about this with the help of the information in the "State Registration" section:

More useful updates coming up!
Seldon.Basis Team