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My Lists: Favorites, Partners, Competitors, Customers, Suppliers

Updates review on February 9, 2016

Now, Seldon.Basis users can not only add companies to Favorites, but also create their own lists of partners, competitors, customers and suppliers.

How It Works

You can follow companies and entrepreneurs that are of interest to you by adding them to a certain list depending on their relation to you – partners or competitors, customers or suppliers.

One organization can fall into several lists. Please note that you can still add organizations to Favorites. Grouping is a useful option in case you have too many companies and entrepreneurs in the section:

Adding to a List

Hover over the organization’s profile and click the star pictogram in order to choose a section or several sections for the organization to be added to:

You can access your lists using the My Lists entry in the left-hand menu. If the list is empty you will be directed to the page with description of the feature:

Also, we have modified the top panel of Seldon.Basis, as well as the main menu, to make the service more recognizable:

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The Seldon.Basis Team