Seldon.Basis: an easy way to check your counterparty!

Whatever position you hold - company CEO, security officer, lawyer, accountant, etc. - you can use the system to reduce the time and resources spent on routine inspections.

Valid and relevant information from EGRUL, EGRIP or EGRPO

Company profile contains company details and information about company registration, licenses and certificates; information about its authorized capital, co-owners and subsidiary companies (for legal entities).

You can detect short-lived, shell and distressed companies by using Seldon.Basis data, including historical company data about former CEOs & co-owners, changes in authorized capital, address or phone number.

Learn more about state registration and Federal Tax Service registers by watching this video.

You can get information about government contracts concluded by legal entities and entrepreneurs

Now the following information is available: contract name, counterparty role in it (customer or supplier), date of signing, performance time of a contract, etc.

Arbitration cases of the counterparty is additional criterion for decision-making

Perform company Due Diligence and find out the information about its involvement in arbitration proceedings, the court rulings in such proceedings, the other parties involved, etc.

Our database contains scanned copies of all documents, which may be useful. You can download them or view their content via the Seldon.Basis interface.

Watch this video and find out how to assess a company's arbitration background.

Enforcement Proceedings

For comprehensive evaluation of companies Seldon.Basis introduces access to the enforcement proceedings of Federal Bailiffs Service.

You can check them easily and quickly with the help of the following data: subject and sum of recovery, initiation date and number of enforcement proceeding, territorial department and enforcement document.

Express analysis of a counterparty

Learn more about liquidity ratios of the company, its financial stability which is determined by the proportion of its own and borrowed funds, and company’s solvency. In Seldon.Basis we use charts to visualize the calculation of financial ratios and their dynamics.

To what extent does a company depend on creditors and investors? Will it be able to fully cover its liabilities? This information will help you build your business the right way.

Bankruptcy Information

With the help of Seldon.Basis you can find out whether bankruptcy procedure has been initiated against the counterparty or not. Statements are taken from the Unified Federal Register of Bankruptcy Information and may point out the company's financial difficulties.

Please take precautions and check the potential contract partner before making a deal. It will only take a minute.

Suppliers Blacklist

What if a company you want to cooperate with is in the Suppliers Blacklist because of unexecuted or improperly executed contracts?

Seldon.Basis will not just provide you with information about untrustworthy suppliers, it will also help you make the right decision based on comprehensive inspection of a company.

Scheduled Inspections

Information about scheduled inspections (current, past and future) will shed light on your business partner's activity. It will also help you find out about planned inspections of your own company so you can be prepared in advance.

Business on the Map

Seldon.Basis is different from other systems because it has its own maps. They show the location of companies you are interested in and give information about organizations that are located at a particular address.

Use maps to quickly assess your partners and competitors from a geographical point of view.

Multilingual Localization

Seldon.Basis is a multilingual system with maps in different languages. All place names including names of streets, avenues, parks and squares are localized in 12 languages - among them are Chinese, Arabic and Turkish.

Use the system in your native language which can be selected in the Settings.

Multilingual support - no boundaries for partnership!

Seldon.Basis is available in 12 languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

Is your business located in Russia? Feel at home - get information about companies in your native language.

Linguistic Search

You can search among companies and proprietors by name, company details, address or name of co-owners (for legal entities).

The service will automatically correct spelling mistakes and suggest a company name even before you've finished typing the search request.

All information in one place

Each company in Seldon.Basis has its own profile page that contains information on arbitration or enforcement proceedings, government contracts, inspections, financial activity and more. Having all this important data in one place will save your time & effort!

Advanced search makes finding companies really easy! Find out how it works here.

Mobile App

Seldon.Basis contains information that can be useful at any time: at a business meeting, while on the road, or whenever you don't have access to a PC or laptop. This is why we have developed a mobile version of Seldon.Basis for Android.

The Seldon.Basis App is a full version of the system, but for your phone. Just like the web version, the app allows you to get access to a wide range of information and financial analysis in order to verify contractors and make business decisions.

Connections Tree

It is possible to easily detect connections between companies using the special tool, the "Connections Tree", which schematically shows the connection between companies and official bodies.

The structure of a certain company (its branch offices and subsidiaries), as well as the activity of co-owners and CEOs is displayed as a tree of connected elements. Here you can see the information such as phone numbers, addresses, equity capital shares, etc.

Favorites - quick access to organizations

Add your contract partners and potential partners to Favorites. You don't have to search them again and all information will always be at hand.

Seldon.Basis is not a search tool. Its objective is to help reduce costs and mitigate risks.

Charts and Graphs

The service not only accumulates data but also visualizes it graphically. Total balance, revenues, net income, liquidity and financial stability - these and many other indicators you can see on the charts and thus easily estimate them.

Four Display Modes

Look through the list of companies and proprietors the way that suits you best. Query results may be displayed as a linear list, as tiles, as so-called snippets (expanded list) or on the map with indication of the company's address.

For example, if you want to see a large list of companies or you work from laptop, you might want to try linear list mode as it fits the biggest possible number of companies on your screen. Snippets, on the other hand, take slightly more space but display additional information about company's activities and management.


Preview pane makes it possible to quickly evaluate a company by basic indicators without opening a company profile. It briefly shows company's details, authorized capital, the existence of arbitration cases, contracts, enforcement proceedings, scheduled inspections and other information.

Data export

You can save data on your disk to use it offline, e.g. search results, company profiles, as well as lists of companies from the Favorites section (Partners, Competitors, Customers or Suppliers).

You can export profile containing only the necessary information, e.g. registration details, activity data, financial reports, government contracts and arbitration cases.

Is there a quick and easy way to get a certified EGRUL Company Profile? Find out here!

Integration with API.Seldon.Basis

Connect the API.Seldon.Basis service to your CRM system, this will allow you to automatically get information about legal entities and sole proprietors. The way this data is displayed depends on your tasks and goals.

The API.Seldon.Basis interface allows users to enter and check the registration data of contractors, monitor the changes of proprietors, creditors and partners, and get information about the untrustworthiness or bankruptcy of legal entities or sole proprietors.

Get full access to the service

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