our data in your system

You can get information about companies and entrepreneurs not only from the website. Configure the integration with certain systems and the data will start flowing in automatically.

How is it useful?

Comprehensive check

Extensive analysis of partners in your system. You can check your partners and competitors in terms of their financial status, affiliation and compliance with legal regulations.

Saved time

View all information in one place. Official sources of information always at hand.

Up-to-date information

Information is always up-to-date. You will be notified about any changes, as soon as they appear in government bases.

Reduced expenses

Use this knowledge base for making decisions in order to earn more. Reduce risks by detecting and cutting off unreliable companies early on.

Speed up

Automatic fill of company details and batch verification of partners will make it easier for your accounting and security departments to handle data.

Be accurate

We have the same information as the government bodies, the risk of errors and discrepancies in document flow is minimal.

What are the advantages?

Easy to configure

Seldon.Basis can be integrated in 1C, SAP, ABS, ERP, Oracle, CRM and other systems of electronic document flow. Even if you have your own system with non-standard capabilities, the installation won't take long.

Comprehensive search results

Simply enter the company's name or its details and you will see its registration information, arbitration cases, government contracts, bank guarantees, financial reports, enforcement proceedings, bankruptcy statements, etc.

It works autonomously

Configure it once and the data will start flowing into the system automatically. You will have the up-to-date information from official sources available whenever you need it.

Example of integration:

Seldon.Basis and 1C in one window

Seldon.Basis and 1C in one window

How much does it cost?

We have many access plans to offer to you. They differ in the amount of data and allowed queries, so you would not have to pay extra for something you do not need. Tell us what you are planning to use Seldon.Basis for so we could pick a suitable access plan for you.

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