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E-mail Notifications; Phone Number Search

Updates review on February 26, 2016

Now, you can receive E-mail notifications about updates in the Tracking section, as well as search companies by phone number.

E-mail Notifications

We have introduced notifications about the updates concerning companies added to your Lists – Favorites, Customers, Suppliers, Partners and Competitors. Once a week a E-mail will be sent to the address indicated during registration containing a report about the activity of the companies from your Lists::

You can change your E-mail address in Settings. This will also change your Seldon.Basis login. Notifications can be disabled in the My Lists sections:

They can be customized so that you receive notifications only about companies present in certain lists.

E-mail notifications will help you stay informed about new contracts or arbitration cases of your business partners.

Phone Number Search

TIN, KPP, OGRN, name, address, details of executives and founders are not the only parameters you can search a company by. We have expanded this list by including phone numbers:

Now, Seldon.Basis contains a directory of phone numbers of companies collected from several open sources. You can find a company by phone number and then check its other numbers in order to carry out the vetting of a potential partner and contact them.

Stay tuned for more updates,
The Seldon.Basis Team

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