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Export of Connections; Phone Numbers in Snippets

Updates review on March 10, 2016

Now you can export first level connections from the Connection Tree into a file and look through companies' phone numbers in a form of snippets.

Export of Connections

We made it possible to export the Connections Tree into an MS Word file.

The file which you can print out or open offline will contain all first level connections: governing bodies, co-owners, subsidiary companies, subordinate companies, government contracts (customers and supplies) and arbitration information (plaintiffs, defendants, third parties and others)

Use the following button on the summary page to download the file:

Phone Numbers in Snippets

Snippets is 1 of 4 types of search results formats We have added information about phone numbers in snippets:

Getting contact information has become easier since now you don’t have to open a company profile.

All the best!
The Seldon.Basis Team