Новые события в отслеживании компаний: по жалобам в ФАС и Р-форме
Добавили новые события. Доработали фильтр компаний по принадлежности к реестрам.

Modified State Registration

Update review of July 22, 2016

Following the new Summary Page, we have modified the State Registration section. Now, it is more compact, structured and informative.

What’s New?

Layout and Structure

Now, this section’s structure matches the structure of the Summary Page. As before, it contains registration information from EGRUL and EGRPO, as well as information about issued certificates and types of activity according to OKVED. However, the space of the page is used more efficiently as now all the information is in plain view and easy to apprehend:


They are displayed in short, you have to click Show All in order to see full data on a separate page. This new structure allows to hand over the data about branch offices, co-owners, representative offices or subsidiary companies by simply sharing the link to a certain page. Besides, the section itself is not overloaded with information and is easy to navigate in.


EGRIP, the section dedicated to sole proprietors, has underwent the same modifications.

It can be exported to a Microsoft Word file to work with when the system is impossible to access, which is also the case with State Registration.

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