Финансовая отчетность за 2023 год. Новые типы совладельцев
А также проверка заблокированных счетов и обеспечительных мер в карточке персоны

Retrospective Connections Tree; Licensing Bodies

Updates review from May 26th, 2016

Former connections were added to Connections Tree; filtering by licensing body was added to the Licenses section.

Connections Tree

Former connections have been added to Connections Tree. They include former addresses and phone numbers, executives and co-owners, former branches and managing companies. Overall, there are 9 new groups of connections reflecting a certain company’s history of changes:

Licensing Bodies

Read more about licenses here. Filtering by licensing body allows to single out licenses issued by a certain licensing body: Federal Tax Service of Russia, Roskomnadzor, Roszdravnadzor, etc.:

Finding certain licenses has become much easier.

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