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Overview of updates from May 4, 2017
Service Updates

Updated Company Conclusions; Confirmed Contact Details; Enhanced List of Arbitration Cases

This overview is dedicated to minor, yet useful updates of the system.

Overview of updates, 4 May 2017

This overview is dedicated to minor, yet useful updates of the system.

This overview is dedicated to minor, yet useful updates of the system.

Company Conclusions

We continue adding new conclusions about companies that point out to their strengths and weaknesses:

All conclusions are displayed on the Summary Page. You can highlight the appropriate sections of information on this page by clicking on Risks or Strong Points tags:

Confirmed Contact Details

Now, alongside the contact details, gathered from public sources, Seldon.Basis displays phone numbers and Emails, provided by organizations.

If you would like your Seldon.Basis page to contain additional contact details, e.g. secretary’s phone number, CEO’s Email, etc. please contact our Tech Support. The details, provided by companies, are displayed first and are followed by the details, gathered from official sources.

Enhanced List of Arbitration Cases

The list of cases in the Arbitration section contains the details that will help you get an overview of each proceeding. This table contains case number, its subject and information about who the plaintiff and defendant are.

We have enhanced the table by adding information about the value and complexity of cases:

Export of Company Profile

We have implemented the ability to export company profiles in PDF or Microsoft Word documents.

We have also made it possible to export the Connections Tree from the Summary Page. Before now, this could only be done from the Connections Tree page:

Company Size and Number of Employees

Before now, company sizes were displayed on the Main page only when such information was present in the Register of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Now, if such information is unavailable, we provide company size information, calculated by our own algorithm based on data from other sources:

There is also an approximate number of employees displayed for small and medium-sized enterprises:

Patents by Types of Activity

A pie chart, showing the number of registered patents grouped by types of activity, has been introduced in the Patents section:

This chart helps to determine the fields the organization’s scientific potential is the highest in.

Best regards,
The Seldon.Basis Team