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Overview of updates from December 6, 2018
Service Updates

New Home Page

We have completely changed the way Seldon.Basis users start their interaction with the system.

Overview of updates from December 6, 2018

New Home Page

We have completely changed the way Seldon.Basis users start their interaction with the system.

Getting Started

You will immediately notice the changes in Seldon.Basis since we have updated one of its most essential sections – the home page.

How it used to work

Let’s have a look:

Users were shown a default results page with the search box at the top and a list of companies from their region below. The personalized results were formed by a special algorithm using the user location information. Users had to use the search box to find certain companies and sole proprietors. The filters menu could be used to refine search results.

How it works now

The search box and filter menu are still there; everything else has been reworked and optimized:

What can the updated home page offer?

— General statistics on SMEs, blacklisted suppliers, active companies and those undergoing bankruptcy

— Updates on companies added to your personal lists

— Ability to manage your lists from home page

— Separate country-based sections for browsing business entities

— Ability to study search filters by exploring the templates prepared by our specialists

Seldon.News is an AI-based news monitoring platform.— Follow the latest business news right in Seldon.Basis

The new home page makes it easier to follow the updates of your partners and competitors, and navigate in Seldon.Basis.

Search Results Page

We have replaced the default search results page with search instructions and tips:

Click on the "Russia" icon to go to the search page and browse Russian business entities:

You can also do that using the side menu:

Expanded Summary Page

We have significantly expanded the information displayed on the summary page. You will find out whether a company has been held administratively liable, whether it has tax debts or overdue tax reports, or is present in the SME or Self-Regulatory Organizations registers, and other useful details:

Here you can also find income and expenditure information submitted by the Federal Tax Service as of December 31, 2017.

Best regards,
The Seldon.Basis Team