Финансовая отчетность за 2023 год. Новые типы совладельцев
А также проверка заблокированных счетов и обеспечительных мер в карточке персоны
Overview of updates from August 15, 2019
Service Updates

New Company Details; Certificates & Declarations of Belarusian Companies

Expanded the existing company information and added new data.

Overview of updates from August 15, 2019

New Company Details; Certificates & Declarations of Belarusian Companies

Added new contact information of companies and sole proprietors. Expanded the scope of data for companies from Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Inclusion in SRO

Some time ago, we have introduced information on companies' inclusion in the Self-Regulatory Organizations Register, which signifies a company itself is an SRO. Now, you will know whether a company is/was part of a SRO:

Downloadable History of Changes

Beside the ability to export MS Excel with up-to-date company details, you can now download the history of changes pertaining to company's co-owners (according to EGRUL and EGRPO), administrative authorities and subsidiary companies (according to EGRUL and EGRPO):

Patent Details

Exported Excel with company details used to contain general information on company's patents. We have made it possible to include exhaustive patent information in the detailed report. You can also download company report from the Patents section by clicking the "Excel" button:

The created Excel is based on the patent filters you set, which makes it possible to get a report with just the information you need.

Certificates & Declarations (Belarus)

This is a new Seldon.Basis section available just for the Belarusian companies and sole proprietors:

You can see the information about a company's certificates & declarations on the Summary Page as well.

Other improvements on the way!
Seldon.Basis Team