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Overview of updates from May 13, 2021
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SMEs Support Measures

A new section in Seldon.Basis.

Review of updates from May 13, 2021

Меры поддержки МСП

New section in Seldon.Basis.

A new section has been introduced in Seldon.Basis: SME Support. The information about support measures for SMEs granted by the Federal Authorities can be found here.

It is divided into two subsections: one with statistics and one with details.


Shows the number of support measures granted to the company during each year.

All measures are divided by color into different categories based on the use of funds: appropriate use, inappropriate use, in violation of conditions and with unknown outcome since the support measure has not yet been granted.

You can also see how many support measures were used by the company with violations, and which government agency provides support most often.

Support Measure Details

The data about support measures includes the support form and type, its volume, information about the agency that provided the support, the date of the support and its termination, the detected violations, if any.

There is a filter that you can use to select just the measures you are interested in: with specific dates, outcome, support form, etc.

You can also find out that the company received support in the Additional Information section of its Summary Page.

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