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Overview of updates from November 11, 2022

Seldon.Basis in Numbers

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Information blog from November 11, 2022

Seldon.Basis in Numbers

As a rule, the greatest success in business is achieved by those who have the most complete and up-to-date information.

Seldon.Basis users can access different types of company information in a "right here, right now" format! Every day the system receives huge amounts of data, which we process and publish in real time.

Popular data in numbers

On average, the service receives more than 200,000 facts daily from various sources, and more than 3.6 million per month.

Why do we carefully collect data and expand our list of sources?

First of all, we understand how important it is for our users to get information in a timely manner and thus manage the risks that arise. If a company identifies a risk in a partner, it can quickly react and change the terms of the current contract.

Particular attention should be paid to the analysis of data on new arbitration cases and enforcement proceedings. These can be used to establish the amounts that will prevent the company from meeting its obligations to the counterparty. This, in turn, may lead to accounts receivable.

Secondly, any company needs to check the counterparty more thoroughly before entering into a contract to make sure it is solvent and reliable. To successfully accomplish this task, we collect and analyze data from more than 50 sources.

Most companies in Russia intend to conduct an honest and transparent business. To analyze business activity and confirm the legality of activities, data is collected on contracts concluded under 44-FZ and 223-FZ, on leasing, patents, licenses, etc. All these data indicate that companies are increasing their production turnover or expanding their activities.

For example, you will be the first to know about companies that have acquired exclusive rights to their inventions and are entering the market. Then you can make a deal directly and save time and money.

If there is no or insufficient data on the company's business activity, it is a stop factor, a reason for a more thorough check and to exclude transactions with a "technical" company. Lack of information is also information.

Thirdly, for business development today it is essential to quickly find information about competitors and potential partners who are just entering the market. Companies are constantly being created, reorganized and liquidated. Information about this is added in Seldon.Basis daily. With its help it is possible to analyze and trace the market niches that are already occupied or, on the contrary, are being vacated right now. This is a clue for new proprietors about the direction in which to develop their business.

Data on new registered companies makes it possible to find new partners every day. A flexible system of filters allows you to find companies according to individual user requests. Quickly reacting to new data is an advantage for any company, allowing it to build capacity and outperform competitors in its industry.

Viewing new data daily is an opportunity to see the life of the company over time and stay up-to-date on all events. To avoid missing important messages, Seldon.Basis users can use the tracking function. This is a reliable way to prevent risks, helping to secure the company and strengthen its market position.

Ensure your success!
Seldon.Basis Team