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Overview of updates from January 12, 2023
Service Updates

Overview of Seldon.Basis Major Updates in 2022

Throughout the year our team has been actively upgrading the platform. We decided to summarize the results of the work and made a brief overview of the most significant innovations.

Information blog of January 12, 2023

Downloading Company Data

Overview of Seldon.Basis Major Updates in 2022

More data types and risk assessment for counterparty check

Base your decisions on complete information about your counterparties to reduce the risks you might face. Learn more about the data we added this year.

Complaints to the FAS

Seldon.Basis now has information on all complaints filed with the FAS against an organization or on its behalf. For each procedure you can view detailed information, study infographics and conclusions. The analysis of documents will allow to get to know the customer better as a market player and choose the most reliable counterparty.

Sanctions Lists and New Risk Conclusions

The company profile now has a note on the company's inclusion in the sanctions lists. You will be able to check your customers or suppliers and change contract terms in time to avoid force majeure. The label is also displayed in the "Express Check" report. You can filter companies by this criterion in the search results.

Blocked Accounts and Saving Verification Data

When checking the blocked accounts of a company, you can now see the data of the previous check: the date and the output on the status of accounts. This information is useful when analyzing a counterparty before concluding an agreement and will allow you to avoid overdue payments with a current partner.

Registry of Interim Measures

Now you can check if a new business partner's property has been seized directly in Seldon.Basis. Work on the site or download the document if necessary. Be aware of the financial status of the counterparty.

Person's Bankruptcy

Check the bankruptcy information in the person's profile. Keep in mind that declaring a citizen bankrupt has serious consequences. For example, a person cannot be a CEO, board member or a member of board of directors of any legal entity for the next three years.

Public Sources

The section allows you to conduct additional verification of an individual or your counterparty via 30+ public government sources. Now all the useful links are always at your fingertips.

Updated Express Check

All new data types and risk conclusions have been added to the Express Check report.

Find solvent customers in one click!

Now it's much easier to select target customers using a variety of filters.

12 Negative Registers

Add only trustworthy partners to your selection parameters using the "Negative Registries" section. Now you can exclude companies with the highest risk from your lists and save time for analyzing new counterparties.

Other Filters

If your company provides financial or legal services, apply the following new filters to find clients:

  • Arbitration
  • Enforcement proceedings
  • Leasing
  • Pledges

Finding exporters and importers with certificates and declarations for a specific country of origin has become easier with filters:

  • Certificates and declarations
  • Leasing and pledges

New Monitoring Features

Each company has its own regulations for monitoring counterparties. We have made event notifications more flexible: now you can define the frequency and types of events to be monitored. Choose the types of counterparty events that are important to your company and receive them by email daily, weekly or monthly.

You can read more about each update in the articles published on the official website in the Updates section. Profile articles and cases of using the Seldon.Basis features can be found in the "Blog" category.

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