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Overview of updates from February 16, 2023
Service Updates

Financial statements for 2022. Penalties in state contracts

Updated version of Seldon.Basis is available now!

Overview of updated from February 16, 2023

Financial statements for 2022. Penalties in state contracts

Let's have a look at what's new!

Balance sheets of companies for 2022

We have added reporting on companies that provided data to the Federal Tax Service for the previous year. Such companies can be found using the "Financial Indicators" filter (the "Years" parameter):

The financial statements are presented in the section "Financial Statements" → "Balance sheets" in the company profile:

Penalties in state contracts

If a fine is imposed on one of the parties to a government contract, Seldon.Basis will warn you about it. We have added a special note so that you can consider all factors and make well-considered decisions:

What data can be downloaded from Seldon.Basis?

Обучающее видео об этом появилось на главной странице. Scroll down the page to the "Service innovations" block — there you will find all the videos and articles to help you get used to Seldon.Basis and learn more about its features:

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