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Tooltips after the First System Authorization, the Display of Total Amounts in Balances, Going Back to Your Favorites Page

Review of updates of October 24, 2014

Seldon.Basis has been released, but that doesn’t mean we have stopped working on it. We’re still improving the system and in today’s update we would like to present three new features: tooltips after the first authorization; improved navigation in Favorites; and selection of total amounts display in the «Balances» section.

Tooltips after the First Authorization

For users who have just created their account and haven’t had a chance to look around the system, we’ve introduced additional tooltips.

All you need to do is simply log in for the first time. After this Seldon.Basis will display and explain all of the system’s major elements:

The tooltips only appear once and will not disturb you in the future.

Navigation in the «Favorites» Section

The ability to navigate between pages, the so-called «breadcrumbs» function, has been introduced in the Favorites section.

It allows you to go one or several levels back (for example, you can go from an arbitration case to the arbitration and summary page of company’s record) and even go to the «Favorites» page:

If you opened the company’s profile from the search results or after using the filter, you are now able to go back to the search results or filter settings, respectively, using the «breadcrumbs» function.

Display of Total Amounts in Balances

The «Balances» section in the company's record now offers the ability to choose the unit of measurement for total amounts (e.g. rubles, thousands, millions and billions).

Thanks to this feature, the financial data of major companies, which consists of millions and billions, can be displayed in a more compact manner. For smaller companies you can choose a smaller unit of measurement (e.g. rubles and thousands).

Let the exploration be easy,
The Support Team