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Improved Search Engine, Disqualified Persons on Snippets

Updates review on July 30th, 2015

The latest Seldon.Basis build has an improved search engine that now allows to search by brand name, as well as search by persons with full name match. Companies snippets now show the information about disqualified persons.

Search by Brand Name

It is now possible to find companies associated with a certain brand name. This is useful when brand name is different from the name of a manufacturing company or distributor (i.e. Renault, Peugeot, etc.):

Search by Persons

Search by persons with exact match has been implemented. It works by enclosing the phrase between quotation marks – "Ivanov Sergey Borisovich". The search result will show sole proprietors and companies executive personnel that include the person in question:

The search query without quotation marks will have a "Did you mean…" hint with a number of partial matches when, for example, the search text matches one employee’s first and last name, and matches another employee’s patronym (given that both persons work in one company).

Disqualified Persons on Snippets

The person’s presence in the Disqualified Persons Register is now indicated on the search results page, besides the company’s profile. Choose the Snippets view mode in order to check the company’s presence in the Disqualified Persons Register.

In case a person is restricted from holding leading position, they will have the following mark:

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