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Creditworthiness Evaluation

Updates review on August 13, 2015

We are proud to present an updated version of Seldon.Basis that was enhanced with a creditworthiness evaluation feature.

What Is It?

It’s an evaluation of a company’s potential ability to get a loan.

The calculation is done based on major Russian banks' method of debtor's creditworthiness evaluation. The debtor is put under one of 3 creditworthiness classes based on liquidity ratio, leverage ratio and profitability:

  • Class 1 - reliable debtor with close to 100% chance of getting a loan;
  • Class 2 - giving a loan requires caution;
  • Class 3 - giving a loan is mostly avoided since it poses high risks for a bank.

Where Do I Find It?

It’s in the «Summary Information» section of a company’s profile:

Creditworthiness Evaluation is placed beside the Trustworthiness and Financial Stability Index.

1st and 2nd class debtors have their credit amount calculated:

Creditworthiness class is calculated based on company's financial statements and is not a sole criterion for a loan granting decision which is made regarding the qualitative analysis of debtor's documentation, their credit history, etc.

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