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Financial Statements for 2014

Updates review on September 8, 2015

The system is now able to provide information about companies’ financial statements for 2014. This includes balance sheet as well as profit and loss statement.


The information about any given company is presented in its Profile («Financial Statements» → «Balances»):

The «Balance sheet» list contains information about the company’s current and non-current assets, capital and reserves, as well as short and long-term obligations.

«Profit and loss statement» shows the information about profit, cost of sales, total profit, business and management expenses, net profit, etc.

In order to make the information more convenient to work with, it has been divided according to years. You can easily check the financial information relevant many years ago.

Express Analysis

Companies’ financial statements for 2014 may be used for the analysis of liquidity, financial stability, current assets, net assets and profitability regarding the given period of time. It’s also possible to calculate the absolute liquidity, quick assets and current liquidity ratios, as well as dependency and financial risk ratios, working capital-to-current assets ratio and other data that might help with a decision concerning the potential partnership.

All the detailed information about this data and its calculation is presented in «Financial Statements» → «Express Analysis».

The section is comprised of 5 tabs used for express analysis:

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