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Export of Expanded Data; Common Managers and Founders

Updates review on October 1, 2015

Export of sole proprietor's profile containing information about contracts and arbitration cases has become possible, as well as finding out about a common manager or founder.

Export to File

The «Export to file» button has been added to the Summary Page of a sole proprietor’s profile.

If a proprietor has government contracts or has been involved in arbitration proceedings, this information can be included in the exported PDF file:

Exporting is convenient since it’s possible to view the information without access to the Internet. You can export expanded data in order to have detailed information at hand.

Common Managers and Founders

Besides the common addresses, Seldon.Basis can also detect companies with common managers and founders.

Characteristics of a common manager are shown in the Company details section. A tooltip will appear when hovering over the icon:

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