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Sole Proprietors: Change History, Events Feed, Tracking

Updates review on March 25, 2016

Now, alongside with legal entities, sole proprietors have change history in the EGRIP section, Events section in their profiles and events in the Tracking section.

Change History

It can be accessed via a link in the EGRIP section of the proprietor’s profile:

You will be aware of all the changes in proprietor’s registration information – former names, statuses, details, citizenships, etc.:

Events Feed

Events Feed for companies was implemented quite a while ago. We are proud to announce that this feature has been introduced for sole proprietors as well.

There are four types of events in the feed for proprietors. Now, there is no need to search a new contract or the latest arbitration case in the profile’s sections. All changes are displayed in the Events section in the form of a feed:


You can read more about tracking here. Tracking section is one of the latest features that allows users to monitor the activity of companies added to Favorites. Now, this applies to sole proprietors as well.

Add certain sole proprietors and legal entities to Favorites in order to monitor their activity using the feed:

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