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Overview of updates from October 13, 2016
Service Updates

Updated Arbitration Section

Following the Summary Page update, we are glad to present the updated Arbitration Section. Now, besides checking the list of active and finished cases, you can view the company's statistics, as well as find a certain case using filters.


Here you will find the dynamics of registered cases (number of cases and their total value distributed according to the participation type), statistics of outcomes (including the total value and number of claims sorted by plaintiffs and defendants), as well as statistics regarding the types of disputes.


Using filters allows to exclude cases with certain criteria from the list.

You can search arbitration proceedings by their number, year, claim value, types of disputes, and outcomes:

You can view all cases from a certain year or a number of years, display big (with value of over 500k RUB), medium (100 to 500k RUB value) or small cases (under 100k RUB value), administrative, civil, bankruptcy-related and other. It is also possible to specify the case outcome, e.g. won, partially won, not lost, partially lost, or lost in full.

There is still a lot of work to do!
The Seldon.Basis Team