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Overview of updates from July 15, 2022

How to find information about companies from CIS countries

We tell you how to check a company from abroad with the help of Basis.

Information blog from July 15, 2022

How to find information about companies from CIS countries

We tell you how to check a company from abroad with the help of Basis.

Search for companies from the CIS countries

Russian exporters and importers are interested in expanding their business in friendly countries. To establish new deliveries and supply chains, it is important to choose the right counterparty abroad. It is important that the company is reliable and able to fulfill its obligations efficiently and on time.

To check the legality of the activities of the company with which you conclude an agreement, we recommend using the "CIS Companies" block. It presents data on companies in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Moldova and, more recently, Uzbekistan.

You can check a foreign counterparty by tax ID or by name. For example, if you do not have company details, you can find it simply by name.

Checking company information

To exclude fraud on the part of the company, request details. Each country has its own company identification number. For example, in Belarus it is UNP, in Kazakhstan it is BIN. In the search bar for each country there will be a hint what you need to enter. Check the relevance and reliability of information about the company at your disposal. The information in "Basis" is updated daily.

After you find a foreign counterparty, in the card you can check his registration information, as well as assess the strengths and weaknesses: membership in associations, financial statements, trading activities. Data analysis will allow you to make the right management decision and work with the best organizations.

You will also be aware of possible risks by studying the arbitration cases of partners and competitors, enforcement proceedings, scheduled and unscheduled inspections by regulatory authorities.

The maximum amount of data is available for Belarusian companies. The dossier on legal entities in other countries differs in content. Learn more from your accompanying manager.

Contact details

By clicking the "Contact" button in the card, you can see the contact details of the desired company, including the legal address, contact numbers, e-mails and websites, if available.

Connecting functionality

If the block with information about companies in the CIS countries is not connected to your account, contact the accompanying specialist or technical support service to expand access rights. Connection is made in accordance with the tariff plans, which the manager will tell you in detail and select the best plan for you.

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