Финансовая отчетность за 2023 год. Новые типы совладельцев
А также проверка заблокированных счетов и обеспечительных мер в карточке персоны
Overview of updates from July 29, 2022

Person activities

Let's talk about possible checks in Seldon.Basis in relation to persons.

Informational blog from July 29, 2022

Person Activities

Let's talk about possible checks in Seldon.Basis in relation to persons.

The "Persons" profile in Seldon.Basis will be useful for analyzing the activities of the final decision makers in the company. It can be a business owner, CEO or CEO, holding president, managing partner, board member, executive vice president, etc.

The result of the decisions they make is reflected on the company summary page. There you can see revenue for the reporting period, staff growth and many other indicators.

Person Search

To search for organizations where a person is listed or was listed as a manager or co-owner, enter the full name or TIN in the main search line of the service:

Company Profile Check

In the company page, you can check people by the following criteria:

  • The multiple presence of executive management and the change of the executive to a multiple presence one. If the head / co-owner has many companies registered, this indicates that the company may be a one-day business.
  • Disqualifications. The executive may be disqualified for violating the law. Disqualification prohibits a person from holding managerial positions or being on the board of directors of the company.
  • Invalid information. The organization could change its head and not provide information to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. The unreliability of the information indicates that the company, when audited by the tax inspectorate, could not confirm that the person indicated in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities is the head.

Person Profile

You can go to the person card from the company card by clicking on the full name. In the person card in the “Summary Information” section, you will find out about all companies registered to the person's name, as well as companies where the contact person is or was previously a manager, co-owner or sole proprietor.

In addition, you will see graphs of the revenue and profit of the person's companies by year. This indicator reflects the result of managerial decisions of the head/founder.

We also advise you to pay attention to the "Similar Persons" section. The system captures all persons who have ever appeared from sources with the same TIN as the person being checked. If you see in it a person whose full name is slightly different from the one being checked, and the TIN is the same, then there is a possibility that the company submitted documents for EGRUL/EGRPO registration with deliberately false data in the full name and the company was not created for its alleged purposes.

In addition to checking summary information, you can check whether a person is in bankruptcy proceedings. Bankruptcy section in the Legal Environment tab. When declared bankrupt, a person cannot be a director, a member of the board of directors or the board of any legal entity for the next 3 years.

Other Legal Entity Checks

In addition to the person's card data, you can check whether the passport data you have is valid. This can be done in the "Other Checks" section to exclude transactions with nominee directors. Search in the system is carried out according to the database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In the event of an invalid passport, the signed legal documents may become invalid.

Reduce risks, check your passport before starting business cooperation.

Also in other checks, you can check if a person is registered as self-employed. Doing private business without registration suggests that a person is evading tax audits, which means that she may face fines and litigation. Moreover, the head of the company may be self-employed and provide services of his company to a counterparty without direct application of the company's OKVED, which may indirectly indicate the construction of a fraudulent scheme.

Work with reliable companies.
Seldon.Basis Team