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Tooltips in Express Analysis, Notification Regarding Supplier’s Untrustworthiness in Contracts

Updates review of October 11, 2014

Today we’d like to discuss the improved tips in the «Express Analysis» section; notifications regarding a company’s presence on blacklists; and other features that make using the system easier.

Tooltips in «Express analysis»

They are now more compact, light and easy to comprehend.

They now appear in a small popup window and only when a particular term or value is chosen. Moreover, we’ve also implemented additional elements for ratio values:

To close a tip, simply click the ‘X’ button or anywhere outside the tip box.

Co-owners in EGRUL

We have made slight visual improvements to the list of co-owners in the «EGRUL» section.

The major share (in rubles and percentage) is now highlighted in green:

Though small, this is a significant change. Visual impressions play a very important role which is why we continue improving it.

Untrustworthy Suppliers

If a certain company has even a single record in the suppliers blacklist, this record will be displayed in that particular section of company’s profile:

Convenience and speed are of utmost importance.

Notifications in Contracts

Speaking of untrustworthy suppliers, the system not only displays the blacklist records on the company’s summary page, but also in the «Contracts» section:

Since company’s contracts and its trustworthiness are inextricably bound, we thought that users should know about possible risks while viewing the company’s contracts.

Be careful!

Other Updates

We have also optimized the website layout for Internet Explorer 9; improved the company cards navigation tools; updated the bankruptcy reports list; and fixed the discovered bugs.

More updates soon,
Support Team