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Contracts in original source, disqualified persons, net worth and profitability analysis

Updates review on 13 March, 2015

In a new build we present several updates at once: possibility to view details of a contract, data from the Register of disqualified persons, net worth and profitability analysis.

But first things first.


Now Seldon.Basis enables you to view details of the contract, that you are interested in, in original source.

How can you do this? In the section «State contracts» → «Contracts» expand the tab «As customer» or «As supplier». Then click the number of a contract, highlighted as a link (the presence or absence of a link depend on the Federal Law (FZ) under which the procurement is carried out) .

In a new window you will see detailed information on the contract on the website

How the detailed information on a contract looks like:

Register of disqualified persons

Now information from the Register of disqualified persons will be reflected in Seldon.Basis .

If natural person is present in the Register of disqualified persons (it means, that he is forbidden by the court to take leadership positions in companies), you will see a special mark in the section «EGRUL» of a company profile:

Net worth

This is a new tab in the section «Express-analysis» of a company profile.

Net worth represents a real value of company's assets, defined annually, excluding its liabilities. The analysis of this ratio allows to assess the efficiency of the company’s activities: is there any risk of solvency loss, or vice versa, it is possible to increase an authorized capital:

Profitability analysis

«Profitability analysis» – evaluation of several others financial ratios: profit margin, return on equity and return on assets.

This tab is also in the section «Express-analysis»:

In search of new possibilities,
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