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Overview of updates from September 20, 2022

Enforcement Proceedings

How to find out about the company's current debts and the nature of the debts?

Information blog of September 20, 2022

Enforcement Proceedings

How do I find out about the company's current debts and the nature of the debts?

Enforcement proceedings in the company card

Enforcement proceedings are a compulsory process of debt collection.

Basis shows information on current and completed enforcement proceedings against companies and entrepreneurs, on the subjects of the levies and amounts, dates of initiation, registration numbers, territorial departments and enforcement documents. All this information will help you to make a complete picture of what is going on and make a decision on working with a counterparty in the light of various factors.

You can find the section in Legal FrameworkEnforcement Proceedings:

To find information about a specific enforcement proceeding, use the search filter within the section.

Pay attention to the number of enforcement proceedings, the subject of execution, and the amount of current debt. The presence of a large number of open enforcement proceedings may signal problems on the part of management or that the company is not in good faith. It is highly probable that such a company may not fulfill its contractual obligations. A large amount of debt indicates that the company does not have enough money to repay the debt and this can lead to its liquidation.

Enforcement proceedings in filters

When searching for counterparties, you can filter the output based on the data of enforcement proceedings. For example, you can exclude potentially unreliable counterparties that have open proceedings:

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